A new CEFCU Platinum Mastercard® is coming soon

Recent communication to cardholders

Important dates and information

We have important dates and information to share as we prepare to reissue you a new CEFCU Platinum Mastercard®. Your new card will be mailed to your primary address on file between October 25-November 1.

The new card will feature contactless payment and EMV chip technologies and significant enhancements to fraud detection and transaction security.

Here’s what you need to know

  • Your new card will have a new account number and expiration date. Please update recurring and pre-authorized charges with your new credit card number.
  • Activate your new card as soon as possible and destroy your old card. Your old card will automatically deactivate on November 30, 2021. Future transactions and recurring charges on your old card will be declined.
  • Effective October 21, 2021, use our new payment mailing address. Mail payments to: PO Box 60510, City of Industry, CA 91716-0510. If you use a bill pay service, please update the remittance address on file.
  • Save your past Mastercard eStatements to a secure location before October 18, 2021. After this day, you will no longer have access to your existing eStatement portal. Upon request, statement copies are available by contacting the Credit Union.
  • Previously set alerts will not convert to your new card. New information about alerts and controls will be provided soon.

To ensure your card is delivered to the correct address and activated in a timely manner, please verify your current phone number, mailing address and email. You can review your information and make changes through eBranch or by contacting us at (800) 592-3328 to request an Address Change Request form.

Thank you for doing your part to help us successfully reissue your new CEFCU Platinum Mastercard.


New credit card designs

We have some exciting news coming your way! In late October, we will replace your current credit card with a new CEFCU Platinum Mastercard featuring contactless payment technology. The new card will be mailed to your primary address we have on file with important cardholder details and activation instructions.

Your new card will feature the latest card technologies including advanced security, contactless and EMV chip payment capabilities and greater interactive card features and controls.

While the overall terms of our card program will remain the same, the enhanced card controls will make transactions quicker, easier and more secure.

  • Contactless Payment — As simple as tap and go, contactless payment is a convenient and secure way to pay. The embedded antenna transmits a one-time encrypted code that does not expose your credit card information.
  • EMV Chip — Your card will still be equipped with an EMV chip and magnetic strip for transactions at terminals not equipped for contactless payments.
  • Card Features — Check your balance, view recent transactions, make payments, receive and respond to text alerts for verifying suspicious activity, and more.
  • Alerts and Controls — Set alerts and control preferences to receive important notifications.

In the coming weeks, you will receive more information with instructions for services such as Auto Pay and eStatements. When your new card is mailed in late October, you will be provided with a new remittance address and cardholder services phone number.

At this time, continue to use your CEFCU Mastercard. More information will be communicated on this page as we get closer to October.

More details

Cardholders will receive important information about card designs, controls and online Mastercard access. Please pay attention to CEFCU communication as reissued cards will activate changes to eStatements, recurring and scheduled charges, and payment information.

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