Contactless Platinum Mastercard® Coming Soon

In October 2021, CEFCU will introduce a new Platinum Mastercard with enhanced features, including contactless payment technology, advanced security, and greater mobile interactive controls. While the overall benefits and terms of our card program will remain the same, the enhanced card controls will make transactions quicker, easier and more secure.

Touch-free transactions with contactless cards

As simple as tap and go, contactless payment is a convenient and fast way to pay. Wherever you see the wave-like contactless payment symbol, simply tap or hold your card within a few inches of the contactless-enabled payment terminal to complete your transaction in seconds.Contactless symbol

The encrypted signal does not transmit your card number. Instead the embedded antenna transmits a one-time code with information that does not expose your actual account details. The next time a purchase is made, a new unique code is sent.

In most cases, no PIN or signature is required. The transaction can be completed — touch-free! While the contactless feature is a great way to pay, your card will still be equipped with a magnetic strip and an EMV chip for transactions at terminals not equipped for contactless payments.

More details soon

In the coming months, cardholders wil receive important information about card designs, controls and online Mastercard access. Please pay attention to CEFCU communication as reissued cards will activate changes to eStatements, recurring and scheduled charges, and payment information.