Frequently Asked Questions – New CEFCU Platinum Mastercard®

When will I get my new card?

Your new card will arrive in early November. Activate your new card and destroy your old card. Add your new card to digital wallets. Update recurring charges. Make sure you do this before 11/30/2021. Revise the account number and payment address on file if you use bill pay services.

Will my interest rate or fee structure change?


Will my payment due date change?

No, your payment date will not change. And the 10-day grace period will remain.

What is the new Cardholder Services phone number?

You can contact Cardholder Services toll-free at (866) 605-5243.

What is the new payment address?

The new payment address is:
  PO Box 60510
  City of Industry, CA 91716-0510

How can I make payments?

The same payment methods are still available. You can pay by sending a check in the mail, schedule transfers or recurring payments via eBranch.

How do I make my October payment?

Mail payments to the new payment remittance address: PO Box 60510, City of Industry CA 91716-0510.

You can also make payments from your CEFCU savings account within eBranch or set up recurring automatic payments.

How do I schedule future payments?

Future payments can be scheduled within eBranch.

What if I sent my payment to the old payment address?

For the next two months, payments sent to the old payment address will be forwarded to the new payment address. Also, for the next two months, if a payment is received late (past the 10-day grace period), we will not charge a late fee.

I received my new card. What do I do now?

Please activate your new card immediately. Your old card account will automatically be closed on November 30, 2021. Update your new card information for all recurring charges.

What’s a recurring charge?

Think of this as a preauthorized or recurring payment, such as gym membership, streaming services, internet providers, prescriptions, donations, insurance premiums, and other scheduled charges. To avoid interruption, you'll need to update your credit card information with those service providers.

Will my previous card history transfer over?

Yes, previous transactions and account history will transfer to the new card site. However, cardholders will no longer have online access to previous Mastercard eStatements. Your new credit card eStatement history will begin with the November 2021 statement.

If you did not save previous Mastercard eStatements, you can request copies by calling our Electronic Services team at (800) 592-3328, option 3. Or by sending a secure message via eBranch or emailing

I'm currently enrolled in Mastercard eStatements. Will I continue to receive eStatements for my CEFCU Mastercard?

All cardholders will receive a paper statement for October 2021. Those enrolled in Mastercard eStatements will resume electronic access in November.

Will alerts and controls I have setup convert?

Unfortunately, they will not. You must set new alerts and controls. Information about new alert and control options will be provided soon.

What happens if fraud is detected on my credit card account?

In the case of any suspected fraud, you'll get a phone call from (800) 328-2071. We recommend adding this phone number to your contacts as Falcon Fraud Detection Work Center. You may also receive an SMS text message from (855) 553-4290 or (888) 918-7313.

Can I opt-out of a contactless card?

No, you cannot opt-out of receiving this new type of card. Your card will still be equipped with an EMV chip and magnetic strip for transactions at terminals not equipped for contactless payments.

Contactless cards are a convenient and secure way to pay. Since credit card information is not transmitted to the merchant’s card processor, your account is less exposed to data breaches and fraud.

I need to make a return on a purchase made with my old card. Can I use the new card for the return?

Our system will process the returned amount to your new card number. However, check the merchant's policy regarding processing returns to a different card number than the original purchase.

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