Private Student Loans

The Smart Choice for College Expenses

Financing education may seem overwhelming at times. After all financial aid, scholarships, and federal funding avenues are exhausted, CEFCU offers supplemental private student loans to help you meet the cost of college. Our private student loans can help pay for qualifying expenses, including tuition, books, room and board, supplies, computers and even past due tuition bills.


Features & Benefits

  • Rates are based on a combination of credit history, GPA, course of study, school, class standing and year of study. Good grades could get you a better rate!
  • A 30-day, no-fee return policy allows you to cancel the loan if you end up with enough financing through federal funding, scholarships, or grants.
  • Build credit and keep your loan balance low by making small, regular payments. You can choose to:
    • Pay the amount of interest in full each month OR
    • Pay just $25 each month
  • Defer full principal and interest payments until 6 months after graduation, leaving school, or dropping below a half-time enrollment status.

Before You Apply

  • Be sure to take advantage of any federal funding, scholarships, and grants before getting a student loan.

Getting Started

  • Easy application process
  • No upfront costs or fees
  • Our competitive interest rates are easy on your budget

Eligibility & Credit Requirements

  • You must be enrolled at least half-time at an eligible 4-year school
  • Borrow as little as $2,000 to $20,000 per academic year
  • Lifetime maximums for undergraduates of $80,000; maximum for combined undergraduate and graduate study is $120,000
  • Applying with a cosigner can increase your chances of approval, and potentially help secure a lower loan rate

During repayment:

  • The repayment period is 10 years
  • You can prepay the loan partially or in full at any time without any penalties
  • Payments can be made automatically


All credit subject to approval. Rates and terms may change without notice.