Reduced Rate on a CEFCU Mastercard®

We've reduced our Mastercard rate to 3.99%APR*.

When it comes to superior value, there isn't a credit card out there that stacks up to our Platinum Mastercard®. No matter what kind of "perks" or "points" you've been enticed with in the past, sometimes the biggest perk is simply the lowest rate.

No sign-up required.

Simply use your CEFCU Mastercard through July 19, 2018, and enjoy a fixed rate of 3.99% APR* on all new purchases, balance transfers, and cash advances. Better still, you'll keep earning this reduced rate on these transactions until January 19, 2019! After the promotional period, your CEFCU Mastercard will simply revert to the variable rate in effect.

Save a small fortune in finance charges.

If you've already earned some "bonus points" on your other cards, take this opportunity to cut your finance charges dramatically and still keep your bonus points!

To transfer high-cost balances from other credit cards, log in via eBranch or Mobile Access and select "More Details" next to your Mastercard. Then, choose Account Services and select Balance Transfer to start your request. You may also submit a completed Balance Transfer form.

Watch the savings stack up!

As always, there's:

  • NO balance transfer fees
  • NO annual fees
  • NO cash advance fees
  • NO minimum interest charge
  • NO gimmicks

Not yet a cardholder?

Our Platinum Mastercard costs nothing to carry and little to use. Plus, our Mastercard offers cardholders many benefits, including the safety of EMV chip technology. Apply online today.

It's one small change that can make a lot more than small change!

*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Promotional rate of 3.99% APR applies to all purchases, balance transfers, cash advances, and convenience checks posted to your account between November 20, 2017 and July 19, 2018. The promotional rate will expire on January 19, 2019. Balance transfers and convenience checks cannot be used to pay off existing CEFCU loans.

The rate for purchases, cash advances and balance transfers may vary as it is determined quarterly and will equal the US Prime Rate plus a margin of 6.00%; the rate will not be more than 18.00%. The Prime Rate is the highest bank prime rate as published in the Wall Street Journal's Money Rates section on the first day of the previous month prior to the change date. CEFCU may adjust your rate four times a year on the January, April, July, and October billing cycle. View our Mastercard Disclosure for complete details. All credit subject to approval. Rates may change without notice.