Vision, Mission, Core Values

CEFCU Has a Clear Strategic Path

The leadership of CEFCU would like to assure all our member/owners that our guiding principles are clear, concise and accurate. From time to time, it is essential that we re-examine our reasons for existence. The Board of Directors has revised CEFCU's Mission and Vision to more accurately reflect the Credit Union's current and future states while taking into consideration our country's economy, trends and local market conditions.

Our Vision Statement serves as a compelling beacon of light: this statement will guide us as we develop the plans and actions to navigate ourselves forward over the next three to five years.

Our Mission Statement describes the Credit Union's reason for existence: This statement describes who we are, what we do, and what we stand for.

Our Core Values reaffirm the Credit Union's foundational principles: these are the underpinnings on which all our policies, procedures, decisions and actions are based. The following quote summarizes the essence of Core Values: "Values guide all plans, decisions and action. Goals are for the future. Values are not. Goals are set. Values are lived. Goals change. Values are rocks you can count on. Goals get people going. Values sustain the effort. Values become real only when you demonstrate them in the way you act and the way you insist others behave. Values are the real boss." (From Gung Ho by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles)

CEFCU has a clear strategic path. It is founded on deeply rooted beliefs that form a foundation by which we carry out all of our programs and services. You can be confident that your Credit Union is strong and safe, focused on serving your financial needs with outstanding success!


CEFCU will be the "First Choice" provider of financial services.


CEFCU provides superior value with unsurpassed service through selected financial products while maintaining our tradition of stability, security, and trust.


We always place the best interests and welfare of our members first.


We never compromise the financial strength and security of the organization.


We conduct all activities with honesty and integrity.


We promote the well-being of our members, volunteers, and employees.