Frequently Asked Questions on Membership

Please contact us for assistance with any additional questions.

Who is eligible to join the Caltech Employees Federal Credit Union?

Caltech Employees Federal Credit Union (CEFCU) exclusively serves the Caltech community and its affiliate organizations. Immediate family of current members are also eligible to join. View our Eligibility page for a complete list of who can join.

I am a CEFCU member but no longer associated with a sponsoring organization. Can I keep my Credit Union membership?

Yes! Once membership has been established, a member may retain their account even if they leave their qualifying sponsor organization. This principle, known as “once a member, always a member” is in full effect at Caltech Employees Federal Credit Union.

What is the definition of immediate family?

Immediate family of a current member includes spouse, parents, children, siblings, grandparents and grandchildren (by blood or marriage), or any extended family or any one adult who the primary member deems a significant other living within the same household as the qualifying member.

What products and services are available?

We have among the most affordable loans in the nation, and our fully-liquid Share Savings account is unsurpassed in terms of security.

Our members have access to a variety of conveniences, including:

What are the locations and hours of CEFCU offices?

Our branch offices are located in La Cañada Flintridge, on the Caltech campus, and at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). Our Real Estate Loan Center is located in La Cañada Flintridge.

For office hours and addresses, please refer to our Locations and Hours. ATM access to your savings account is also available through our ATM locations, any CO-OP System, Plus System or Star System automatic teller machines.

Are CEFCU offices open during Caltech/JPL holidays?

Please view our Holidays page for a list of holiday closures.

eBranch and our mobile app give free and convenient access to your savings and loan accounts any time, even on holidays! And, ATM access to your savings account is available through our ATM locations, or any CO-OP System, Plus System or Star System automatic teller machine.

Can I access the services of other credit unions through my membership in CEFCU?

You may make deposits to your accounts at other credit unions that are part of the CO-OP Network when you use one of our deposit-taking ATMs.

You may also transfer funds to and from your accounts at other credit unions, banks, or other financial institutions using External Transfers through eBranch.

What electronic banking capabilities are available with the Caltech Employees Federal Credit Union?

We offer various electronic access options.

Must be eligible for CEFCU membership to join. Minimum $5 deposit and one-time $5 membership fee due upon opening any CEFCU account. Federally insured by NCUA.