Financial Wellness

Money Management

There are various financial topics you'll need to reconsider at every life stage. Whether you are a college graduate, settled in your career, or planning for retirement, it is important to review the state of your finances periodically.

  • Introduce Your Beneficiaries to CEFCU
    Prepare your beneficiaries to inherit your wealth as well as your trusted and valued relationships. As your trusted financial institution, it is important for your beneficiaries to understand why you’ve chosen Caltech Employees Federal Credit Union. Read more.
  • Talking Finances with Your Teens
    Since personal finance is not a traditional part of the school curriculum, healthy money habits should begin at home. Parents and grandparents can help educate their teens with introductory conversations to build healthy money habits. Read more.
  • How to Have a Meaningful Conversation about Joint Finances
    Starting a financial conversation with your spouse may not sound exciting, but it is important for both your individual and joint financial stability. Success in a couple and family’s shared financial goals requires communication and planning. Read more.
  • Transferring Wealth
    Most parents avoid discussing inheritance plans with their beneficiaries. Some don't want their children to feel entitled or count on an inheritance. These are valid concerns that can serve as opportunities to discuss finances and estate planning. Your guidance now will help your heirs prepare to receive and manage those assets. Read more.
  • What’s Involved When You’re a Trustee or Executor to an Estate?
    It can be rewarding to fulfill the wishes of a loved one. But, it's important to fully understand what is expected of you before agreeing to become an executor or trustee. Read more.
  • How Your Accounts are Federally Insured
    Your shares at CEFCU are insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF), which is backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government. Read more.
  • Prepare Your Financial “Go-Bag”
    An emergency or natural disaster happens without warning. With advance preparation, you can prevent it from turning into a true disaster. Key among those preparations (yet probably the most frequently overlooked) is organizing your financial first-aid kit — your financial “go-bag.” Read more.

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