Schedule of Fees

ATM Fees:  
Annual Card Fee $10.00
Card Replacement/PIN Reminder $10.00/ea.
Deposit Discrepancy $10.00
Fraudulent ATM Use $20.00
Rush Order
(PIN Reissuance or Card Replacement) $35.00/ea.
General Account Fees:  
ACH Stop Payment Fee $15.00
Bad Address $5.00/month
Coin Machine FREE
Escheat Fee $2.00
Electronic Transaction Fee/Reg D (per month if exceed 6 qualifying transactions) $20.00/month
Insufficient Funds Fee (ACH, Share/Loan Drafts) $20.00
Levy/Garnishment $25.00
Membership $5.00
Credit Union Checks $5.00/ea.
Daily work vouchers $20.00/ea.
Research (when not due to Credit Union error) IRS, FTB, legal questions, etc. $30.00/hr.
Return Checks $20.00
Loan Draft Stop Payment Fee $15.00
Stop Payment of Credit Union Check $15.00
Statements (beyond last 3 statements) $5.00/ea.
UPS/Federal Express delivery actual charges
Loan Fees:  
Loan cancellation after disbursement Interest due from the date of loan
Loan Late Charge Payments received more than 10 days late (after due date) will be charged a late charge of 20% of the finance charge due, but not less than $5.00 or per Loan Agreement
Home Equity LOC Processing Fee (waived on new money loans or refinance from outside institutions) $1000.00
Real Estate Term Modification Fee $500.00
Subordination Fee (verification of value may be required) $100.00
Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) (Prices may vary by type of vehicle) $299.00-$349.00
Safe Deposit Box Fees:  
Annual Rental $75.00
Forced Entry $150.00
Lost Key $75.00
Gift Card $2.50 each
Travel Card $6.00 each
Wire Fees:  
Incoming Wire Fee $10.00 
Domestic Outgoing Wire Fee $20.00
International Outgoing Wire Fee (US Dollar Denominated) $45.00
International Outgoing Wire Fee (Currency of Beneficiary Bank) $35.00
Wire Tracer $35.00 
Wire Amendment $35.00
Platinum Mastercard® Credit Card Fees:  
Annual Fee NONE
Transaction Fees  
Balance Transfer NONE
Cash Advance (including Convenience Checks) NONE
Foreign Transaction in US Dollars 1.00% of each transaction, in U.S. dollars.
Penalty Fees  
Over-the-Credit Limit NONE
Late Payment $10.00
if payment is received more than 10 days after its due date.
Returned Payment $20.00
Convenience Check Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) $20.00
Other Fees  
Card Replacement $10.00
Card Replacement Rush $35.00
Emergency Replacement Card $35.00
PIN Mailer Request $10.00
Convenience Check Stop Payment $15.00
Pay-by-Phone $5.00
Statement Copy Fee $5.00
(First three statement copies are free)
Document Copy Fee $10.00
eBranch - Online Account Access:  
eBranch FREE
External Account Transfers - Outbound
(posted to account within 2 business days)
See above, General Account Fees - Electronic Transaction Fee/Reg. D
External Account Transfers - Inbound
(posted to account within 4 business days)
See above, General Account Fees - Electronic Transaction Fee/Reg. D
Mobile Deposit FREE