Financial Wellness

Home Ownership

  • 5 Financial Goals You Can Achieve with a HELOC
    A Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) is a smart way for a prudent homeowner to finance many financial goals. This type of loan offers flexibility and savings by allowing the borrower to use funds as needed and pay only on the amount used instead of a lump sum. Read more.
  • Helpful Hints on Hiring a Contractor
    Many home improvement projects can be a more prudent investment than purchasing a new residence and sometimes more costly than purchasing a car. The key to a successful project is to do your homework before hiring a contractor. Read more.
  • What is Your Home Really Worth?
    Unless you recently had your property appraised, you really don't know the exact value of your home. But wait, your inbox gets monthly reports from popular, unbiased, independent websites detailing your price per square foot, neighborhood statistics and recent sales. Isn't that my home's value or close to it? Read more.
  • Is “Downsizing” Right for You?
    “Downsizing” has evolved from the traditional definition of buying a smaller home as you near or enter retirement. It has some new twists, turns and options. Many families are balancing their pride of ownership with their lifestyle needs. Read more.
  • When It's Time to Tap Your Home Equity
    With two unsurpassed Home Equity Lines of Credit to choose from — our Traditional HELOC and our 10-Year Interest Only HELOC — one of the most common questions at CEFCU is, "Which one?" Read more.
  • What is the Smartest Home Loan for You?
    The following scenarios are composites of hundreds of loan stories — dreams we helped fund over the past several years. Perhaps you will find your solution here. Read more.

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