Gift Cards

Looking for just the right gift for that special someone? A CEFCU MasterCard® Gift Card is always the perfect choice.
You can purchase a CEFCU MasterCard Gift Card for as little as $10.00 or for as much as $1,000.00. The cost is only $2.50 per card. Pick up a card at any of our office locations.

  • Cards can be used everywhere MasterCard debit cards are accepted.
  • Sign your card before using it and keep a record of the card number in a safe place.
  • Know your balance before using the card. Check balances at or by calling (877)283-1860.

Bulk Order Available! You can buy cards in bulk (25 or more cards) and have the option of personalizing the cards with the recipient's name or the occasion. For more information, call us at (800)592-3328.

Important Tips for Using Your Gift Card

  • Point-of-Sale Purchases: When making a purchase always select CREDIT.
  • At gas stations, use your card inside.
  • At restaurants, make sure your available balance is 25% greater than your total bill.
  • Purchase Greater Than Card Value: If the purchase you are making is greater than the balance remaining on your card, you must advise the merchant how much is available on your card. The merchant will complete a split tender transaction and charge the card for the available balance. The remaining amount of your purchase will require another form of payment.

Fees Associated with Your Gift Card

  • Purchase fee: $2.50 (assessed at the time of purchase)
  • Monthly inactivity fee: $2.95 may be assessed to your card after 12 consecutive months of inactivity.
  • Replacement of lost/stolen card: $5.00
  • Fees subject to applicable law. See terms and conditions.

FAQs About Your Gift Card

Can I access cash from my Gift Card?
No, the Gift Card does not have cash access. It can be used at any merchant that accepts MasterCard debit cards.

How do I register the Gift Card to my name?
Visit to get started. Registering your MasterCard Gift Card will provide the additional security required to use your gift card for online purchases, as well as requesting a replacement should your gift card become lost or stolen.

Can value be added onto my Gift Card after it is purchased?
No, the Gift Card is not disposable. It cannot be reloaded or renewed. When all value is used, the gift card should be destroyed. Do not give your Gift Card to a merchant to destroy.

How do I use my Gift Card at hotels and rental agencies?
Like restaurants, these types of companies may also authorize for 25% over the purchase price to cover incidental charges. Again, make sure to have at least 25% over the total purchase available on your Gift Card.

If my Gift Card is lost or stolen, how do I report it?
Immediately report your Gift Card lost or stolen by calling (877)283-1860.

Who is the issuer of the card?
The prepaid MasterCard® cards are issued by MetaBank®.